Friday, July 1, 2016


Strawberries have been used for centuries as a tonic, a mild laxative and/or a diuretic.  Strawberries have also been used as a treatment for acne, chronic ulcerations and ringworm.

1 serving size of 1 cup of strawberries contains:

Calories:    45
Carbohydrate:    10 grams
Fibre:        2.8 grams
Potassium:    250 milligrams
Vitamin C:    142%

The health benefits of strawberries are many and varied as they:

–  contain cancer-fighting and preventative compounds
–  have the ability to aid weight control
–  are beneficial to the cardio-vascular system
–  have virus destroying agents
–  are high in fibre
–  contain cholesterol-lowering fibres

Strawberries have the ability to destroy a variety of viruses.  The greater the strawberry concentration, the greater the potency.

Strawberries have also been shown to block the formation of ‘nitrosamines’, which are a cancer-causing agent that forms in the intestinal tract.

Strawberries are also rich in ‘polyphenols’ which are a cancer-fighting anti-oxidant.

Strawberries supply fibre in the form of cholesterol-lowering pectin.  Strawberries also supply a good amount of potassium, with very little sodium.

The insoluble fibre in strawberries reduces the absorption of calories in foods, having a positive effect on weight-loss.

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