Saturday, July 2, 2016

Intuitively Communicating with Animals

The Secret Language of Animals and Nature

Throughout the ages, Ancient cultural and tribal wisdom from all around the world looked to the secret language of nature and the natural world for knowledge, advice and guidance. The secret language of animals and nature and the activities and behaviours of the animals were of interest in particular. Animals were looked upon for their guidance, instinctual habits, nourishment, healing, their direction and law.

The ancient teachings and knowledge of the early Australian Aboriginals, African peoples and Native Americans are still recognized today and practiced on a daily basis by many of their people. The skills they have used for so many years are easy to learn and interpret, with practice and patience, by those who look to the old ways for answers on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. The know of the secret language of animals and nature.

Animals leave signs that indicate their presence while also leaving a constant trail of messages intended for those who seek them out as teachers and counsellors.

Humans are most capable of an enormous amount of love and compassion. We love our animal companions, and yet, often, when dealing with their needs, people really don’t understand.

You may have noticed the animals and the natural world (think weather phenomena) behaving a little oddly (or violently) lately. Perhaps there is an increased volatility at times, or more timidity, a higher awareness of changes in the air. Perhaps your dog is barking a lot or unusually snappy, or your cat is urinating in the house, or your horse is acting strangely. This is not necessarily ‘bad’ behaviour, but rather, it is an urgent communication which means that its time that we really have to listen.

It can also mean there is something 'wrong', or that they are holding a mirror to how their person (owner) is behaving or handling the energetic shifts of these times. It is up to us to look to our own actions and emotions, and the way we behave as humans.

Animals, both wild and domestic, play an intricate part in our lives, giving us unconditional love, assistance, companionship and devotion. Animals have been known to warn and protect humans from all kinds of disasters, both natural and health-wise. Our remarkable bond with our animals inspires us to give love and care, with the reward of many hours of joy and healing in return.

All of the world’s animals - large, small and in between, deserve our love, respect and honour.

Sacred Scribes

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