Saturday, July 2, 2016

Organic Foods

According to numerous studies, the non-organic fruits and vegetables we buy can contain more than twenty assorted pesticides and herbicides. This is an excellent reason to eat organic foods as toxic chemicals and numerous herbicides and pesticides negatively affect our immune systems as they develop into deadly toxins and build up in different areas of our bodies.

There are many reasons why we should eat organic foods over non-organic foods. Chemical-free, naturally grown foods are much healthier for our bodies as they do not contain additives, chemicals and unnatural synthetic nasties such as cadmium, lead and mercury, aluminium, antibiotics, preservatives and hormones. These chemicals and compounds wreak havoc on our metabolic and immune systems.

Some may say that buying organic foods is too expensive; but when we weigh up the costs to our long term health, the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal as well as the cost to our environment and the planet as a whole, buying organic food in the long-term will cost us all less. Not only that, but organic foods are simple to grow ourselves at home.

Over the last few years (and continuing today), there has been a dramatic increase in the availability and diversity of organic foods. They can now be found in mainstream shopping centers and chain-stores and are not limited to ‘health food’ stores. This makes organic food far more easily accessible to us all.

Local farmers’ markets are also a growing trend that not only supports the local community, but reduces our carbon footprint. We are able to buy directly from the people who grow the foods, knowing that we are eating fresh foods free of harmful chemicals and pesticides that negatively impact our health and wellbeing. By choosing and eating organic foods we build up our immunity at a cellular level, which naturally increases our strength and vitality whilst promoting healing and recovery of chronic conditions.

In non-organic farming methods, chemicals wear out and kill the nutrients in the soil, depleting them of essential minerals. The harmful chemicals are transferred into the foods, and once eaten, directly into our bodies. Commercial fertilizers contain compounds, chemicals and nitrates that destroy vitamins and minerals in foods, decreasing their nutritional value.

These nitrates, once ingested, negatively affect our bodies by causing illness and allergies and by affecting our digestive system. Pesticides and poisons are designed to kill living organisms, so it is logical that they cause harm to humans. This can be seen by way of increased diseases such as a variety of cancers, birth defects, genetic mutations and nerve damage amongst other dis-orders.

Farmers who grow organic foods start by nourishing the soil which in turn transfers nutrients from the soil directly to the plant (or animal). Organically grown foods are richer in vitamins and minerals, and retain their nutrient levels for much longer than non-organically produced foods (which actually have decreased levels of protein and minerals).

Farmers who grow organic foods tend to leave vegetables and fruit to ripen properly allowing for the full development of the natural nutrients and minerals, rather than picking and storing preservative laden produce which has not yet fully developed their nutrient value or taste.

Organic foods have a higher percentage of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are easily absorbed into our bodies, which enhance our health and wellbeing. Organic foods also have a much better flavour and taste and enhance and nourish our body and soul, mind and spirit.

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