Friday, July 1, 2016


Grapefruit is packed with cholesterol lowering pectin fibre, which is enhanced by its high Vitamin C content.  This makes grapefruit a proven cholesterol lowerer.

½ of 1 medium grapefruit contains: 
Calories:        37
Potassium:        160 milligrams
Carbohydrate:        10 grams
Vitamin C:        100%
Vitamin A:        6%

Grapefruit is an excellent health food as it:
–  lowers the risk of cancer (particularly pancreas and stomach)
–  protects arteries from disease
–  lowers blood cholesterol

Natural health practitioners believe that grapefruit helps to prevent the hardening of the body’s tissues, such as the arteries, as well as the formation of kidney stones.

A compound found only in grapefruit called ‘galacturonic acid’ is said to dislodge fatty plague build-up in arteries, then assists with eliminating it from the body.

It is said that grapefruit eaten at night assists with rest and sleep, and eaten in the morning to prevent constipation.

Tests have shown that grapefruit helps to guard against cancers of the stomach and pancreas as it has a very high Vitamin C content, which blocks the effects of cancers by acting as an anti-oxidant.

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