Friday, July 1, 2016


Cabbage is regarded as one of the best of nature’s healing foods as it can be used to treat gout, rheumatism, gangrene, asthma, tuberculosis, gum and eye diseases, ulcers and even scurvy.

Cabbage is also known to counteract and fight many cancers, and is also a blood purifier and vitalizing tonic.

1 serving of 1 cup of raw cabbage contains:

Calories:    17
Carbohydrate:    3.9 grams
Potassium:    175 milligrams
Vitamin C:    55%
Vitamin A:    5%

Cabbage facts for health include benefits of :

– lowers the risk of cancer, particularly of the colon
– prevents and heals ulcers
– kills bacteria and viruses
– stimulates the immune system

Further cabbage facts for health which  you may not know,  they are packed full of many known therapeutic anti-cancer compundssuch as ‘chlorophyll’, ‘dithiolthiones’, ‘flavanoids’, ‘isothiocyanates’, ‘phenols’, plus Vitamins C and E. Cabbage also contains called ‘indoles’, which kill the cancer-producing free radicals.

Proven in tests, cabbage eaten just once per week may cut the chances of colon cancer up to 66%. Cabbage kills viruses and bacteria and is known to boost the immune system as it makes the body produce antibodies.

The cabbage family includes Bok Choy and celery cabbage and these varieties are just as effective.

One last thing amongst Cabbage facts for health information, cabbage  is becoming known as a ‘life extender’ and longevity food and should be incorporated regularly into our diets.

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