Friday, July 1, 2016


Onions have been used as a ‘folk remedy’ for many years as it was believed to give strength and endurance.  Today it is used as a diuretic, a blood pressure reducer, an expectorant and a heart tonic.

1 serving size of ½ cup of chopped, raw onion contains:
Calories:    27
Fibre:    0.6 grams
Sodium:    2 milligrams
Carbohydrate: 5.9 milligrams
Potassium:    125 milligrams

The health benefits of onions are:
–  the ability to block cancer
–  its actions as a blood thinner and its ability to slow down blood clotting
–  blood sugar controlling compounds
–  its bacteria destroying properties
–  its ability to clear bronchial congestion
–  ‘good’ cholesterol raising agents
–  ‘bad’ cholesterol lowering properties

Onions have proven to be one of nature’s healing foods, particularly in regards to the heart, as they act as an anti-coagulant.  Onions have been shown to break up blood clots and prevent blood cells from clumping together.

Onions have long been used to treat diabetes and tests have shown that they contain natural blood sugar reducers.

Onions have a strong antibiotic action that kills bacteria responsible for illness such as diarrhoea. Onions have also been proven to have concentrated sulphur compounds that have the ability to stop the cell changes that generally precede the onset of cancer.

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