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Soybeans are now available in many varieties and forms such as milk, flour, grits, sprouts, paste (miso) and curdled milk (tofu).

1 serving size of 1 cup of soybeans contain: 
Calories:    300
Potassium:    886 grams
Fat:        15.4 grams
Calcium:    175 milligrams
Protein:    28.6 grams
Iron:        8.8 milligrams
Magnesium:    148 milligrams
Carbohydrate:    17.1 grams

The health benefits of soybeans are many as they:
–  help to regulate blood sugar
–  lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides
–  prevent and dissolve gallstones
–  replace oestrogen
–  helps to promote contraception
–  lower the risk of cancers

Nutritionally, soybeans are very high in important minerals and sodium, and are an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

Research has shown that by substituting half of animal and/or dairy protein with soybean protein can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Evidence suggests that eating soybeans six times per week stops the progression of arterial disease and can even rejuvenate the arteries.

Soybeans are recommended for diabetics as they have the ability to keep insulin levels down and blood sugar under control.

Studies have concluded that eating soybean protein rather than dairy or animal protein prevents gallstones and also has the ability to dissolve them once formed.

Soybeans are members of the legume family, and have anti-cancer agents and compounds that promote regularity.  Soybeans are high in protease inhibitors which have been shown to fight cancers.

Soybeans are high in fibre making them an excellent food source for healthy colon and bowel function, preventing and relieving constipation.

Scientists believe that soybeans are also able to protect against diverticular disease, haemorrhoids and possibly even bowel cancer.

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