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Milk contains ingredients which stir up the brain chemicals ‘dopamine’ and ‘norepinephrine’ which stimulates quick, accurate thought processes.

1 serving size of 1 cup of skim milk contains:
Calories:        86
Carbohydrate:    11.9 grams
Calcium:        250 milligrams
Protein:        8.4 grams
Potassium:        406 milligrams
Sodium:        126 milligrams
Vitamin A:        15%
Vitamin D:        25%

Milk has many health benefits as it:
–  has the ability to prevent osteoporosis
–  lowers bloody pressure
–  lowers cholesterol
–  fights infections  (particularly diarrhoea)
–  sooths stomach upsets
–  prevents peptic ulcers
–  prevents cavities bronchitis
–  inhibits certain cancers
–  prevents chronic bronchitis
–  inhibits certain cancers
–  increases mental energy

The calcium content present in milk helps to strengthen bones and teeth, and lowers bloody pressure.  It also increases the body’s resistance to cancers such as colorectal cancer.

Researchers believe that high blood pressure in some people is caused by a deficiency in calcium.  Some studies have shown that drinking skim milk not only helps to prevent hardened, plaque-filled arteries.

In other studies, drinking milk has been linked to less lung, colon and stomach cancers.  One study in particular confirmed calcium’s role in fighting colon cancer, with ‘acidophilus’ milk (a liquid yoghurt fermented by bacteria) proving to be a good colon cancer deterrent.

Yet other researchers have found that the antibodies in milk fat protects against gastrointestinal infections and diarrhoea.

Skim milk or non-fat milk is preferable for adults as it has the same nutrients and calcium as whole milk, but without the calories or fat.

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