Monday, July 4, 2016

Animal Healing

Healing With and For Animals

Traditional healing traditions and practices understand that the well-being of the whole person is crucial to physical health, and conventional medical practice is also beginning to recognize this link. Recent research suggests that pet owners are healthier than non-pet owners, visiting doctors less frequently, having fewer colds and headaches, lower heart rates, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Having a pet reduces the chances of having and heart attack.

Some pets obviously derive pleasure from assisting their owners. If in pain of any kind, or you are feeling the ‘dark night of the soul’ descending, you are able to draw healing strength from you pets – dogs, cats, horses and rabbits are most receptive. A bird that remains still for long periods, can also give healing. Pets have great reserves of love that can be manifested as healing strength, and you will almost always sense their eagerness to help.

We can benefit from the healing power of animals. We can consciously, as well as unconsciously, learn to draw the healing strength and comfort we need in sad or lonely moments, from the unwavering affection and loyalty of our animals/pets.

There are many gifted animal healers and healing circles, but you can heal your own pets and animals. This can be achieved by using the strong channels of mutual love that already exists through which healing can be transmitted.

If you talk very quietly to your pet, you may intuitively understand the problem, and, by sending love and light, you can help alleviate the trauma and allow the animal’s blocked self-healing mechanisms to spring back into action.

Animal healing is often spontaneous. Our desire to make a sick or distressed animal feel better or to ease it’s pain is transmitted automatically into their bodies as we pat or stroke them gently, or talk softly in a soothing voice.

Pets can demonstrate amazing altruism and self-sacrifice towards other humans apart from their owners, which may go far beyond their own survival instincts.

If we open our hearts to our pets we will be rewarded many times over. We will receive the same response if we show our affection to animals that have been abandoned or neglected. It is merely a matter of becoming aware of these almost magical links for them to emerge spontaneously.

We have a number of tones of voice we use to our pets: affection, light-hearted, soothing and occasionally cross. But this ‘animal speak’ is closer to a chant and can be used for all forms of telepathic communication and suggestion. It is useful when you want to modify an animal’s behaviour or trigger self-healing in your pet, and re-awaken its sluggish immune system. You might like to try this method when you and the animal are relaxed.

All pets are valuable and vital to human happiness. Whether a dog, cat, budgie or horse, a pet brings unconditional love and understanding.

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