Friday, July 1, 2016


In ancient times, peas and their pods were considered to be an ideal blood tonic.

1 serving size of ½ cup of fresh peas contains:
Calories:    64    
Fibre:        2.8 grams
Carbohydrate:    11 grams
Potassium:    196 milligrams
Protein:        4.2 grams
Vitamin A:    10%
Vitamin C:    33%

Peas have health benefits as they:
–  lower blood cholesterol
–  control blood sugar and diabetes
–  prevent certain cancers
–  staves off appendicitis

Because peas are part of the legume family they are rich in cholesterol-lowering, soluble fibre.  This means that they also help to control blood sugar, and may even lower blood pressure.

Peas are a concentrated source of protease inhibitors.  These chemical agents kill viruses and carcinogens in the intestine and may prevent certain infections and some cancers.  The generous amounts of carotene in the form of Vitamin A and C, gives peas their anti-cancer power.

Peas are also likely to lower rates of appendicitis due to their chemical activity in the intestine.  According to research, the compound in peas stop organisms in the wall of the appendix from triggering the infection and subsequent inflammation and pain.

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