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In the Orient, health benefits of mushrooms are said to contribute to a long, healthy life.  They are used to prevent heart attacks, to cure headaches, and are a ‘folk lore’ remedy for cancer.

1 serving size of 4 medium sized Oriental mushrooms contains:

Calories:        40
Sodium:        3 milligrams
Protein:        1.1 grams
Potassium:        85 milligrams
Carbohydrate:    10.3 grams

The health benefits of mushrooms are many as they:

–  stimulate the immune system
–  inactivates viruses
–  lowers blood cholesterol
–  thins the blood
–  prevents cancer in animals

Oriental mushrooms (shitake, tree ear and enoki) are shown to have the most healthful benefits of all mushroom varieties. Shitake mushrooms have been found to contain an antiviral substance that signals the immune system to produce more ‘inferon’, which is a natural agent against cancer and viruses. It is currently being tested on leukaemia and breast cancer patients.

Tree Ear mushrooms grow on trees and are a common ingredient in Chinese cuisine. They have been shown to prevent blood platelets from sticking together. Tree Ear mushrooms contain ‘adenosine’, a known anti-coagulant which keeps the blood thin and helps to prevent heart disease and stroke. Tree Ear mushrooms have been proven to retard cancer in animals.

The Enoki mushrooms have been proven to activate the immune system in animals and may even repel tumours and viruses in humans.

Try different recipes so you gain the health benefits of mushrooms to add to your diet and increase the health of your body.

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