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Animal and Pet Communication

Animal Speak

Some pet owners believe that if we talk to our animals they will reply telepathically and our minds can interpret their feelings as words. A number of successful pet/animal Healers around the world have used this method to diagnose how an animal is feeling or what is wrong with him/her, and found it especially useful for diagnosing stress-related illnesses.

One explanation for this ability to interpret animal thoughts as ‘words’ could be that the aura of the animal and the owner temporarily merge, so the two minds become as one.

People and animals seem to have unique and relatively constant patterns of energy that intermingle and interact with those of other people and animals. It may be that we are attracted to people and pets whose energy patterns are similar to our own, or in some way, compliment our own emotional vibes. Indeed, this unseen and intangible connection may partly explain why we are drawn to choose an animal that was not our originally planned choice, and why we can be attracted by the adoring eyes of a physically ‘unlovely’ creature.

A name often given to the energy field by those who work in spiritual healing is the ‘Aura’. Intuitive people may describe this aura in terms of bands of colour. These colours can be matched against traditional colour meanings collected from the spiritual and magical writings of different cultures and ages, and seem to be very accurate in describing the personality and mood of a person or animal around whom they are detected. The colours are sometimes seen in the mind’s eye, or to some people they appear as an external halo that is especially visible around the creature or person’s head.

Seeing An Aura
Every particle, atom and cell of all living things on this planet is surrounded by an energy field known as the ‘Aura’. The aura has a series of layers and ‘meridians’ which are channels which convey energy around the body.

The hardest part about seeing an aura is learning to trust your intuitive or psychic vision. One bonus is that even if you are not aware of seeing colours, the process does make you more able to anticipate pet moods. The exercise of looking for auras opens intuitive channels in a way that suits you best.

An animal’s aura usually extends from 6 to 10 centimetres around the body. This depends on the spirituality of the animal, not its size. As the animal’s body moves, the aura follows the line of the body. At times of excitement or intense protectiveness towards an owner the can expand much further and the colours may become momentarily brilliant. When an animal is totally in tune with the owner, the auras of pet and owner merge at the edges.

Create a time of stillness when you sit by your pet and share a communal quiet space in which communication through ‘aura merging’ can take place. Evenings when the house is quiet are perfect – but make sure there are no outside distractions. If you are working with a horse, twilight is a good time, when your horse is resting. In this case, make physical contact by touching the horse lightly as you work.

1. Face the animal.

2. Begin with a simple message of love spoken out loud, softly and repetitively, over and over for a minute or so.

3. Let the words get softer until they become a whisper and then fade off into silence.

4. Wait for about a minute and then repeat the message. Repeat this 3 or 4 times.

5. As you speak, visualize the animal’s aura moving closer so that similar colours from your aura and the animal’s flow in both directions and enclose you both in a swirling mist or haze. These are usually pink, green, purple and blue. If you find it hard to picture the colours, use a fibre-optic lamp to simulate the experience until your own psyche takes over.

6. After the third or fourth time you may feel a stirring in your mind as though light waves, or a ripple of leaves were moving between you and your pet, in bands of green and/or pink lights. At this point you will be communicating heart to heart and mind to mind.

7. Let the colours fade and separate – then repeat the experience a day or so later. Next time you may hear words in the silence - these would be the animal’s thoughts translated by your unconscious mind, into what is often a soft, low voice - or you may receive one or two distinct images straight from the animal’s mind.

8. You can use this method to ask your pet what is wrong, to send healing or to receive information about any aspect of the pet’s feelings and to share your own. If your pet has a message for you, he or she might sit silently and still, looking at you expectantly.

9. Take any warnings or advice seriously, because animal instincts are so much more evolved, psychically and in-tune with unseen influences than our own.

** As you become more practiced you will only need to look at your pet through half-closed eyes to see the aura colours merging.

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