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Learn how the true garlic health benefits help your body below.

The ancient Romans, Indians, Greeks, Egyptians, Japanese and Chinese used garlic from everything from preventing heart disease and rheumatism to lowering the blood pressure treating headaches and curing sore throats.

1 serving size of 1 fresh garlic clove contains: 
Calories:        4
Carbohydrate:     1 gram
Potassium:        13 milligrams

Garlic health benefits include the ability to:

–  fight infections
–  fight and prevent cancer
–  thin the blood (an anti-coagulant)
–  reduces blood pressure
–  reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and bloody pressure
–  act as a decongestant and expectorant
–  prevent and/or relieve bronchitis
–  stimulate the immune system

Garlic contains potent compounds such as selenium (a cancer-fighting anti-oxidant), ‘allicin’ (an anti-biotic), as well as other agents that aid in the prevention of stroke, heart disease, pulmonary illness and infections.

Garlic health benefits – bacteria

In laboratory tests, garlic has been proven to destroy many strains of bacteria and was shown to be an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-protozoan and anti-viral.

Raw garlic has the power to kill the microbes that causes tuberculosis, diarrhoea, staph, dysentery, yeast infections, gangrene, whooping cough, botulism, septic poisoning and the common cold.

Raw garlic kills bacteria and boosts the immune system.  Cooked garlic can lower blood cholesterol, thin the blood and acts as a decongestant, mucus regulator and bronchitis preventative.

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