Friday, July 1, 2016


The humble asparagus is packed with valuable vitamins and minerals, and is an important source of Vitamins A and C, which are reputed to help reduce the risk of developing cancers.

A serving size of ½ cup cooked asparagus contains:

Calories:    20
Carbohydrate:    4
Potassium:    279 milligrams
Folic acid:    0.12 milligrams
Vitamin C:    43%
Vitamin A:    18%
Vitamin E:    25%

Eating asparagus brings us many benefits as it:

– lowers blood cholesterol
– stimulates the kidneys
– reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
– contains essential vitamins and minerals

Asparagus has long been eaten as a natural way to relive water-retention, as it’s high water content helps to flush out the body’s system.

Fresh asparagus is ideal for heart-healthy meals as it has no fat, cholesterol or sodium, and has a good amount of cholesterol-lowering fibre.

Asparagus contains folic acid and B group vitamins (B1, B2, B3) which are said to trigger the production of ‘histamine’ – a substance in the blood and body tissue) It’s all about keeping your body healthy!

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