Friday, July 1, 2016


The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks rubbed honey onto wounds and infections in order to heal them.  Honey for healing was one of their most prescribed ‘cures’.

1 serving size of 1 teaspoon of honey contains:
Calories:    64
Carbohydrate:    17 grams

Honey has many health benefits as it has the ability to:
–  alleviate the symptoms of asthma
–  soothes sore throats
–  relieves diarrhoea
–  kills bacteria and acts as a disinfectant

Honey for healing has been shown to heal wounds faster and with fewer bacterial infections than wounds treated with anti-biotics.
Honey not only kills germs on wounds, but once eaten it also works inside the intestinal tract where it kills off the bacteria responsible for diarrhoea.

Honey for healing, is a great soother for sore throats as the honey coats and lubricates the throat while the sugar in the honey signals the brain to produce chemicals that dull the perception of pain.

When honey is metabolised within the body, the sugar stimulates the brain to produce more ‘serotonin’ (a chemical that induces relaxation and sleep) make honey for healing an excellent anxiety and insomnia cure. Natural healing food for a naturally healthy body!

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