Friday, July 1, 2016


Throughout the years figs have been used as a remedy for everything from constipation, gangrene and boils to scurvy, cancer and haemorrhoids.

Figs are known to be an energizing health tonic, and a serving of 3 dried figs contain:
Calories:    145
Carbohydrate:    36 grams
Fibre:        2.7 grams
Potassium:    400 milligrams

Figs have many health benefits as they:
– act as a natural laxative
– aid digestion
– help to relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
– help to fight cancer
– and the juice kills roundworms and bacteria

Japanese scientists have isolated an anti-cancer chemical contained in figs called ‘benzaldehyde’, which is used to treat advanced cancer patients.

Other researchers have isolated enzymes known as ‘ficins’ in figs, which aids digestion.  The high fibre in figs makes them a perfect natural laxative.  Fibre also makes you feel full, so eating figs is said to prevent over-eating.

Figs also contain a small amount of Vitamin B6, said to help relieve pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

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