Sunday, May 19, 2013

Organic Fruit and Nut Orchard

Organic Fruit and Nut Orchard on the Farm

Our orchard contains established and fruiting:

Chestnuts   Walnuts   Cherries x 2 varieties   Nashis x 2 varieties   
Apples x 5 varieties   Peaches x 3 varieties   Apricots x 2 varieties
Nectarines   Lemons x 3 varieties   Lime   Mandarin   Orange x 3 varieties   
Pear   Mulberry   Cumquat   Loquats   Figs   Kiwi Fruit   Pomegranates   Olives
Finger Limes   


Chestnut Tree

Roosters and Hens relaxing under the Cumquat tree in the orchard ...

Sweet Lemon tree

Fresh Lemons

Fresh Oranges

Orange tree

Chestnut tree and kiwi fruits


Lemon Myrtle

Nashi Pears





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