Sunday, May 19, 2013

Horsey Friends

Blaze & Rusty
aka Thunder & Lightening
(and other Equine friends)


Blaze is a Quarterhorse/stockhorse x Warmblood/Standardbred x Clydesdale.

Blaze at about 12 months old

Rusty is a purebred Quarterhorse/stockhorse

Blaze and Rusty

Rusty and Blaze making the most of the wet weather and rolling around in the mud.



Dash is a Thoroughbred who is a rescued ex-racehorse.



Jessie came with the property when we moved here, 
and is a Welsh Mountain Pony x Shetland Pony.



Buzz was a retired Thoroughbred racehorse (and a 'wind-sucker').
He came with the property when we moved in, and was already an old boy.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes
Victoria   Australia

Horses and Orbs

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