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Some species of Cacti bloom and show signs of new growth in readiness for a wet period.

Crocus are commonly seen in gardens and bloom intermittently during Autumn, Winter and Spring. In many parts of Australia, the Crocus will bloom a week or so prior to rain, regardless of the season.

If the seed-heads of dandelion are seen rising into the air, despite no noticeable wind, then bad weather is to be expected.

DATURA (Angel’s Trumpets)
Datura does not have any particular flowering period, but rather, display blooms throughout the year. When the plant stops blooming a wet period follows.

Many Eucalyptus trees display unseasonal growth prior to rain.

A species of Eucalyptus (Wild Apple) comes into a mass of buds and flowers prior to a drought breaking.

IPOMOEA (Morning Glory)
If the day is going to be wet, Morning Glory flowers will not open in the morning.

If Mango trees have an exceptionally heavy covering of blossoms, a particularly severe cyclonic season can be expected.

Mango trees will often show intensely red new tips before heavy rainfall.

When a heavy, wet period is on the way, several species of Melaleuca are known to bloom out of season.

MURRAYA (Mock Orange)
The ‘Mock Orange’ Murraya is an ornamental shrub that bears a profusion of sweetly scented blossoms several times through the year and usually after rain. During a dry spell, if the ‘Mock Orange’ blooms the rain is sure to follow.


Throughout Australia, various plants with ‘lily-like’ flowers will bloom prior to rain. Many will display colourful new growth, and even old trees will show a covering of bright, light green tips. When this is seen during very dry periods it is an indicator that there are favourable weather changes ahead.



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